Need A New Commercial Roof? Slate Is A Solid Pick

If you are looking a durable and organic roofing option for your commercial property, slate is an ideal candidate. Slate is a natural stone that is going to have many defensive properties to help protect your building, while providing financial benefits as well.

The cost of slate is higher than some other roofing materials, but it's one of the best materials you can use. Here are a few key reasons slate is going to be great for your business.

A Great Investment

The slate is estimated to last for more than a century, so most likely longer than you'll own the building or have to worry about the roof. It isn't going to allow moisture to come inside the building, it's going to lower heating and cooling expenses because it's a cool roofing material, and it is also impact resistant.

Slate is so durable and fire resistant, that you can get an insurance discount for using such a safe product. This is a material that could easily end up being a onetime investment for the property.

No Maintenance

The slate is very heavy, and won't be tampered by the wind. It also won't be lifted by pests. The stone doesn't have to be sealed, and it doesn't lose its strength. There is little to no maintenance needed, you will just want to have it inspected every few years by a slate roofing contractor to look for any flaws.

Environmental and Community Benefits

The slate is going to not only keep the inside of your building cool, but it also isn't going to omit a lot of heat through the surface, which can help lower the urban heat island affect that occurs in populated areas. The roof also doesn't have to be torn off in a few years and replaced, which keeps debris out of the local landfills.

Not all buildings can hold the weight of a slate roof, so the roofing contractors will have to determine if your building is secure enough, or if additional support needs to be added. You will want to get different roofing quotes from different contractors in the area, so you don't overpay for the roof that you want, and so you can get different opinions on the project. If your roof badly needs to be updated, then consider using slate instead of another material that doesn't last as long, like fiberglass asphalt or others. Talk to experts like Three Rivers Roofing for more information.