Concrete Roofing Tile Questions Answered

The type of material that you use for your roof will play a critical role in determining both the energy efficiency of the building and the likelihood of encountering problems. However, there are a tremendous variety of roofing materials that can be selected, and this variety may be overwhelming to homeowners doing this type of work for the first time. In particular, concrete tiles can offer your home a variety of important benefits, but you may not have seriously considering this option.

After you consider the following two questions and answers you will be informed about this topic which can make it easier to make a decision:

Can Concrete Tiles Be Installed On Any Roof?

Concrete tiles are extremely durable and energy efficient. Not surprisingly, there are many homeowners that want to install this type of tile on their roofs. Yet, it should be noted that these tiles may not always be a viable option for every roof. This stems from the fact that these tiles are far heavier than asphalt shingles, and if your roof was poorly built or maintained, it may not be able to support this weight.

For those considering having this type of roof installed, it is important to schedule an appoint for a building inspector to determine whether your roof can support these tiles. By making the mistake of overloading the roof, you can compromise the structural integrity of the entire building, and this can lead to injuries and expensive repairs if it collapses. 

How Do You Care For Concrete Roof Tiles?

Another common concern for some homeowners is the amount of maintenance that these tiles will require. It is not uncommon for some people to assume that these tiles will require far more maintenance to keep them looking good, but this is actually far from reality. 

Concrete roofing tiles are remarkably durable, and outside of installation, they will require very little work to maintain. While there it is necessary to keep the tiles clean, it is necessary to clean any type of roofing material, and this task only needs to be done once a year.

When you clean the roof, you are removing any algae or moss that is growing on the roof. It is usually advised to have a professional perform this cleaning done by a professional because there is a high risk of falling off the roof during this type of work. 

The type of roof that you install for your home is a monumental decision to make as a homeowner. By understanding these basic questions and answers about concrete tiles, you will better position yourself to make a sound choice for your budget and needs.

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