Three Options For Roofing On Flat Contemporary Home Additions

The roof on your home may have a slope and asphalt shingles and an addition can be more contemporary with a flat roof.  While it may be OK to use asphalt shingles on a slope roof, flat roofs need to have a durable material that is wind resistant. This can be something like roofing membranes, metal or polycarbonate roofing materials.  These flat roofing materials will be more durable and wind resistant than conventional roofing shingles. Here are three options that you have for the contemporary additions on your home with flat roof structures:

1. Durable Roofing Membrane For Roofs Above Living Space

If you want to have a more conventional roofing solution, roofing membranes are a great option. These can be asphalt membranes that have the same colors of your conventional shingles, which is ideal of a roof with a slight slope. There are also membranes that are made from rubber products and can be light colored to give your home energy efficiency. The rubber membranes also have the benefit of being lighter than asphalt roofing, which make them an ideal roofing material to use on flat roofs on homes and other light structures.

2. Metal Roofing For A Durable Roofing Solution In Many Areas

Metal roofing is another good choice for flat roofs, and will outlast many other conventional roofing materials. It can also be used as roofing over a finished area of your home or as roofing on porch and patio additions. If the addition you need roofing for has indoor and outdoor space, metal roofing is a great option for the roofing on this area of your home. It can also be used on sloped areas of your roof to have all the roofing on your home done with the same materials.

3. Polycarbonate Roofing For Greenhouses And Sunrooms With Natural Light

The addition on your home may not always need conventional roofing solutions. If you are adding a sunroom or greenhouse addition to your home, you may have the need for more natural light on your addition. Polycarbonate roofing can be a great choice to get the natural light you need for these additions. It also comes and colored and clear styles, which can give you the option to have some areas with natural light, as well as other areas with a roof that is a little more conventional.

These are some of the options that you have for the flat areas of the roof on your home. If you need to have roofing installed on your home or a contemporary addition, contact a professional roofing contractor from a firm like All American Roofing Incorporated and ask them about some of these flat roofing solutions.