Why Roof Restoration Isn’t Such A Bad Idea

If your roof is damaged, then you may have the option of restoring or replacing it. Replacement is a good idea, but it isn't always the only option open to homeowners. Many people think that it's all about saving money because replacement can be costly, but this isn't the only benefit of roof restoration. Depending on the overall status of your roof and the nature of the damage, restoration can give you a host of other benefits such as:

Minimal Disruption

Replacing a roof is not an easy affair; you have to deal with the noise and litter that will inevitably remain on the site. Not only that, but you should expect some level of disruption to your normal life as you try not to get too much in the way of the laborers.

Restoration isn't disruption-free either, but it is less disruptive than a replacement. For example, the entire roof won't be torn down so the site may be cleaner and less noisy. It may also take a shorter time as compared to a replacement.

It's a Maintenance Expense

If you are restoring a commercial roof, then another advantage comes in the way in which you treat the roof restoration account. This is a maintenance expense, as opposed to the capital expense of a full replacement. As a maintenance (current) expense, you can deduct the restoration in that year's tax filing.

It's Good For the Environment

It's also clear that restoration makes your roof sustainable, albeit if only for the short term. If you tear down a roof for a replacement, then the volume of materials that you may take to the landfill will certainly be bigger than if you just restore it. Consider that asphalt shingles take hundreds of years to break down at the landfill, Imagine how much the environment would benefit if more people restored their roofs instead of making unnecessary replacements.

Possible Rebates and Tax Credits

Lastly, some states also have rebates or tax credit programs that allow homeowners to restore their roofs at relatively cheap rates. Most of these benefits are only available to those who make their roofs more energy efficient. You can check with your roofing contractor or local building department on which kinds of benefits are available in your area.

Therefore, if your roof is damaged or old, you shouldn't rush to replace it. Instead, call a roof contractor (such as Allen Roofing & Construction Inc) to evaluate it and determine whether it can be restored. Most structurally sound roofs can be restored to save money and enjoy the benefits outlined above.