How To Fix Damaged Fascia

One of the most important elements of a roofline is the fascia. The fascia board is the board that runs along the bottom edge of your roof, where the eaves begin. Most fascia boards are painted a different color than the roof and the main walls of the house. Some people paint their fascia so it matches their window and door frames. If your roofline has wooden fascia, there is a good chance that it has become worn down, faded and dirty, because it is exposed to the sun and other elements. Over time, you will need to repair and repaint your fascia to make it look new again.

Spotting and Patching Damaged Areas

Wooden fascia is susceptible to water and termite damage. This can lead to rotting and deterioration of the structural integrity of your fascia. The first step in repairing your fascia is getting up on the ladder and examining it up close. Pay special attention to the top edge of the fascia. If water leaks into the top of the board, it can drip downward, making it waterlogged and destroying the core of the wood. You might want to clearly mark the damaged spots with a permanent marker or bright piece of tape.

When patching hardwood fascia, you can use standard wood putty. Some people prefer using auto body filler because it is stronger and more waterproof. No matter what you use, you will want to use sandpaper to sand down and prepare the area for the patch. When applying the putty to the board, make sure you completely fill every inch of the hole. Push down with force so the putty sticks to the wood. Any cavities in the patch could make it weaker and less durable.

Sanding the Patch

After the patch has dried, you will need to sand it down again. If you use a power sander, you can smooth out the roughly patched surface so it matches the original surface of the wood. For exterior fascia you do not need to make the patch extremely smooth. You do not want it to be smoother than the wood surface.

At this point, your fascia is essentially ready to be primed and painted. You will want to apply at least one coat of exterior paint primer before you paint the patched areas. For the best results, paint the entire fascia board, as opposed to just painting the patched areas.

If your fascia needs extensive repairs, contact a professional roofing company, like GBS Enterprises Roofing, and have them perform the repairs for your.