Four Choices You Have When Installing Wood Roofing On Your Home

If you want your home to have a wood roof, there are many choices available -- such as split shakes, shingles or synthetic and treated materials. There are also several types of wood used to make shakes. Cedar shakes are commonly used in North America, but there are also treated materials for different climatic conditions. If you are going to have wood installed on your roof, here are some of the material choices available:

1. Hand Split Wood Shake Materials For Roofing

Hand split wood shakes are an authentic choice for wood roofing. They will give your roof a textured look with all the grains visible. They will also require more maintenance than materials with a smooth finish. You will need to clean the debris off the roof regularly to keep it out of the grain in the wood. Cleaning and sealing the shakes regularly will prevent rot and decay of your shakes. Hand split shakes will also be costly, but are great if you want to have real wood shakes installed on your home.

2. Machine Cut Wood Roofing Shingles Of Different Materials

Another option for wood roofing is shingles that are cut by machine. This is a great solution for large roofs that can be difficult to do maintenance to. The shingles will also be more affordable than hand split shakes. These materials will all be the same size and shape. If there are areas on your home where the shakes have to be steam pressed, shingles will be easier to shape to curves in the roof design.

3. Treated Wood Materials For Different Climate Conditions

You can also get the wood shingles in treated materials for dry areas or with high amounts of rainfall. Treated materials will help protect your roof and make it last longer with fewer roof repairs. If you live in a dry climate, you may be required to use a treated shake on your home if you plan on using wood roofing.

4. Synthetic Wood Roofing When Real Wood Cannot Be Used

In some areas, like desert climates, the use of any wood roofing may be prohibited. There are many synthetic alternatives available to give your home the look of wood roofing. Metal roofing shakes are another great option and can give your roof a high fire rating and more protection. These materials can also have better energy performance  than some of the other roofing options available.

These are some of the material choices available for installing wood roofing on your home.