Saving Money On Your New Roof

If you own a home, eventually you will need a new roof. Even conscientious maintenance will not prevent your old roof from failing at some point. If you plan ahead, however, you can minimize the cost of this task and end up with a roof that will last you for several decades. 

Off Season

When your roof first starts to show signs of failing, start shopping for a contractor. When you find a reputable roofer who can meet your specifications, schedule your work to be done in that roofer's off-season. Roofing contractors stay swamped with business during the warmer, drier months. If you are willing to have your work done in the late fall or early spring, you may be able to negotiate a better rate. The uncertain weather at these times may cause a few delays on your roof, but the savings will be worth the inconvenience. 


Depending on your local building codes, you may be able to have your roof re-covered instead of having the old shingles torn off before applying new ones. Most areas will let you have at least two layers of roofing on your home. You will save approximately $1000 on a 2,000 square foot job. Of course, this method will also be faster and less disruptive than having an entirely new roof installed. You will need to consult with your contractor to make sure your home is a good candidate for re-covering. 


When you plan your roofing job ahead of time, you can also wait to buy your shingles or other supplies until they go on sale or offer rebates. You can ask your roofer to keep an eye out for specials on the type of product you want. You may also contact wholesale roofing suppliers to look for bargains. In addition, you can haunt the online "rummage" sale sites. Sometimes homeowners who end up with a surplus of building materials resell them online. If you have a few months to look, you can save a chunk of money on your roofing supplies.

The best way to save money on your new roof is to plan the replacement before your roof fails entirely. If you face facts early, you can line up a contractor for the off-season when labor prices should be lower. Then you can take the time to shop for bargains on your new shingles. You may also be able to re-cover rather than totally reroof. All of these options are more likely to work if you plan ahead. 

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