Roof Repair and Maintenance You Can Take Care of Yourself

Homeowners understand the importance of taking care of their roof, since it can save them the hassle of having to deal with a costly repair down the road. Unfortunately, maintenance is often ignored until the problem gets to the point where professional help is needed. Here are five things you should be able to do to help your roof stay in good condition.

Perform an Inspection

You should give your roof a visual inspection from time to time to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Things such as loose roofing tiles or flashing that is starting to deteriorate is easy to identify and will help you catch the problem before water starts coming into your home.

Fix Roof Leaks

When the shingles come loose, you may notice that dark stains have formed on the walls or ceilings in your house. This a clear sign that water is getting inside. You'll need to place roofing paper on the roof deck under where the shingle is loose, and nail the shingle back into the roof so that water does not get underneath it. If the shingle is damaged with a crack down the middle of the shingle, it will need to be replaced with a brand new shingle.

This job only requires a hammer and roofing nails, and is fairly easy to do when the damage is obvious.

Remove Rust

Your roof's flashing is what surrounds fixtures that stick out of your roof, such as the chimney or exhaust vents. If any part of the exposed metal from the flashing is starting to rust, you'll need to scrape the rust off using a metal wire brush. Cover the metal with a protective layer of primer followed by a coat of paint. This will prevent rust from forming in the area again.

Repair Damaged Flashing

When flashing has rusted to the point where it is starting to decay, you'll need to replace it. Start by removing the caulk so that the flashing can be removed completely. Thoroughly clean the exposed area, and apply a new piece of flashing in its place. Seal the edges with caulk to prevent water from getting behind the flashing.

Clean the Roof

It's easy to clean off a roof using a power washer, which will help prevent moss and algae from forming. Always remember to spray the power washer downward across the shingles, which will help prevent the shingles from being lifted due to the powerful stream of water.

If you need help doing any of these tasks, contact a roofing repair professional in your area.