Remove Moss From Shingles On A Shed And Prevent Future Problems

Moist and humid weather conditions can cause moss to grow on your shed's shingle roof. If moss is not eliminated and continues to spread, it can weigh down the roofing materials and cause them to become damaged. Learn how to remove moss and protect the shingles by completing the following steps.

Materials To Use

  • ladder
  • water hose
  • rake with plastic tines
  • scrub brush
  • lawn and garden sprayer
  • detergent
  • zinc roll
  • measuring tape
  • sharp scissors 
  • installation nails
  • hammer

Moisten And Remove The Moss

Set a ladder up next to the shed and carry a water hose up the steps. Moisten the moss with a steady stream of water and wait a few minutes for it to soften the plants. Use a rake with plastic tines to scrape away large clumps of moss. Plastic tines are flexible and will not damage the roofing materials as long as you do not apply too much pressure to them with the tool. Move a scrub brush over the roof's surface to remove smaller moss fragments. Rinse away the moss pieces with a water hose when finished. 

Eliminate Stains From The Shingles

Mix equal amounts of detergent and water and fill a lawn and garden sprayer's tank with the solution. Spray the soapy water directly at any stains that are on the shingles. After a few minutes, scrub the stains until they have faded. Rinse the roof off well with plain water and wait for the shingles to dry.

Prevent Moss 

A zinc strip will prevent moss from growing on your shed's roof in the future. Each time it rains, zinc will drip down the side of the roof and coat the shingles with a protective layer. Purchase a zinc roll and installation nails and measure the length of the top of the shed's roof. Use sharp scissors to cut a zinc strip that is the same measurement. Begin in one corner of the roof and insert the top half of the zinc strip underneath the bottom of each shingle that runs across it.

Use a hammer to insert the installation nails that came with the zinc roll throughout the zinc strip to keep it secure. Place an even amount of space between each nail that you use. After you have finished, you will not need to worry about moss growing on the shingles for the next few years. Install a new zinc strip in the future so that the shingles continue to remain protected. For more info, contact a roof repair company like Affordable Roof Care.