3 Synthetic Siding Solutions That Will Give You The Illusion Of Real Wood

If you are considering having new siding installed on your home, there are many options that you may be considering. You may want to have wood siding, but this can require a lot of maintenance. There are many alternatives, but often they hardly resemble real wood. But here are some synthetic siding materials that many people may think are real wood at first glance:

1. Cement Board Siding With Coloring And A Wood-Like Finish

Fiber cement siding has been around for decades, but some of the earliest cement siding materials had a dull-grey finish and required painting. Today, colors are integrated into the siding and the materials can also have a painted finish. This can include a finish that gives your home the look of real wood siding. The finish can be a glossy finish that, from a distance, gives your home the appearance of wood. This can also give you the choice between light and dark colored wood-like siding.

2. Composite Lumber Materials For A Realistic Wood Look

Composite lumber is another material that has improved over the years. The first composites used for decking and siding had a dull look that tend not look a lot like wood. Today, the manufacturing processes have improved and it is hard to tell the difference between the composites and real tropical lumber materials. This can be a great affordable alternative to tropical lumber materials, which can be some of the costliest siding materials to have installed on your home.

3. Metal Siding With A Powder-Coated Wood Grain Finish For Durability

Metal siding is another option you may want to consider to give your home the look of wood. This is a good wood alternative in areas where real wood cannot be used due to problems like fire hazards. The finishes of metal have also improved, and they can have a powder-coated finish to give your home a durable, wood-like finish. One of the benefits of metal is that is also very durable and will last for years. You can also choose from many different styles of siding when you have the metal installed, such as shakes, board-and-batten or lap siding.

These are some of the synthetic siding materials that you may want to consider to give your home the appearance of real wood. If you are ready for new siding on your home, contact a siding service such as ProCon Exteriors and talk with them about some of these durable synthetic options for your home.