Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Metal Roof

If you're thinking about getting a new metal roof, you probably want to know what type of maintenance you'll have to do over the years. Metal roofs are very durable and look good for years with very little upkeep, but you still need to do a few things to prolong the life of the roof as long as possible. Here are a few tasks you'll want to do.

Annual Inspection

It's a good idea to inspect your roof at least once a year. If you have large trees hanging over your roof, you may want to do it more often than that. You may be able to inspect the roof from the ground using binoculars. You could also try to get a closer look from a ladder without having to climb onto the roof and risk hurting yourself or damaging the roof. Things you look for are clumps of leaves stuck in valleys, scratches, dents, and deterioration of sealants used around vents and other penetrations.

Debris Maintenance

Unless you have a lot of leaves falling on your roof, the rain and snow will probably be all you need to keep the roof free from debris. However, if your roof is nearly flat, leaves may not fall off as easily. Also, leaves tend to accumulate in valleys and form decaying clumps. You want to remove clumps of leaves and fallen twigs and branches from your roof periodically depending on the amount of trees around your home. You can try using a hose while standing on a ladder, or you can use a brush with a long handle. Just don't use a rake or any other tool that can scrape or scratch the roof. Also, be careful not to use water to clean the roof while you walk on it roofs, especially metal ones, are slippery when wet. In addition to cleaning the roof, you want to clean out your gutters so rain drains away from the roof like it should.

Scratch Repair

One thing you want to do with a metal roof is paint over scratches when they happen. If you don't, the area where paint is scratched off may begin to rust and leave an ugly spot on your roof. Just clean the scratched area and then apply a small amount of paint on the crack. Take care not to use too much paint or the repairs will be visible. You shouldn't have to worry about scratches as long as you don't walk on the roof more than you need to and you keep tree limbs trimmed. Don't let branches touch your roof because the wind causes them to scrape against the metal and cause scratches. Other times to check for scratches is after a storm if a tree limb falls on the roof or bounces off it.

If you notice problems with your roof such as loose flashing or worn sealants around vents that you''ll need to climb onto the roof to repair, you may want to leave the job for a contractor. Otherwise, you may never have to climb on your roof since metal roofing requires such little maintenance. In fact, if there are no trees near your home that shed leaves on the roof and in your gutters, your metal roof will be basically maintenance free for years.