Three Of Your Roofing Questions Answered

Maintaining the roof of your home is important for limiting the risk of damage occurring to your home as well as ensuring that your home looks as great as possible. However, if you are a new homeowner, learning the answers to some common questions about roof maintenance will help you to be a more responsible and informed homeowner, which will help to protect this investment in your home.

What Is Involved With Cleaning The Roof?

One of the more important tasks that you can do to help protect your roof against many types of damage is to regularly clean it. When cleaning the roof, you will want to use a pressure washer to remove leaves, debris, dirt, moss and algae. For the best results, this should be done at least once a year just after fall. This will ensure that any leaves that fell on the roof are removed before the damp winter months arrive.

What Should You Look For When Inspecting Your Roof?

Every year, you will want to make sure that you perform a thorough visual inspection of your roof. This inspection is important to allow you to find minor issues before they are able to develop into serious problems. When inspecting the roof, you will want to look for any signs of rot, damaged shingles and punctures. In addition to looking on the exterior of the roof, you will also want to check the ceiling in the attic for signs of leaks. If any of these problems are noticed, you should schedule professional repairs as soon as possible as these issues will likely worsen as time progress.

Can You Upgrade Your Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are among the more commonly used roofing materials, but they can be easily damaged. Fortunately, it may be possible to upgrade to stone or clay tiles, which is far more durable than traditional asphalt shingles. However, you will need to let an experienced professional inspect your roof to determine whether or not this is a viable upgrade because the stone or clay will weigh much more than the asphalt shingles. As such, it is important to make sure that the roof will be able to support this added weight.

Being informed about your home's roof is important for anyone homeowner. Knowing the importance of regularly cleaning the roof and inspecting the roof as well as the viability of upgrading to stone or clay tiles can provide you with a better understanding about this important part of your home.

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