Shakes With Unique Look Using Alternatives To The Traditional Cedar Materials

There are many alternatives to asphalt shingles that are used to replace old roofs. One of the materials that many homeowners choose are cedar shakes. Cedar is a durable material, but it is not the only wood shake available, and today there are many more options for a shake roof for your home. Here are some of the options you may want to consider for a shake roof for your home:

1. Tropical Lumber Shakes from Responsible Forestry Practice

Over the decades, tropical hardwood lumbers have become a popular choice for exterior wood features like decking. These materials are naturally resistant to rot and decay, which makes them an ideal choice for using outdoors. Tropical lumber often comes from cutting down rainforests. If you choose to use shakes that are made of tropical lumber, make sure that they are a tree species that comes from responsible forestry management.

2. The Lesser Used White Oak Shakes Make a Durable Roof

While cedar has become the dominant wood used for shake roofing, it is not the only material that is traditionally used to make hand-split shakes.  In areas where cedar is not widely available, white oak is the material of choice and sometimes even more durable than cedar because it is a domestic hardwood. Some of the oldest shake roofs in the world are made of oak materials that were widely available in Europe and the colonies of the New World. In addition to white oak, there are other durable hardwood species in different regions that are used as shakes. The type of wood shake often depends on its availability in the region where you live.

3. Treated Lumber Materials for A Conventional Alternative

There is also the options to have treated shakes installed on your home, which is a good idea for areas with specific hazards. If you live in an area with high rainfall totals, you will want to use a pressure treated shake that will prevent fungus growth and rot. In dry climates, there are fire retardant treated shakes, which will help protect your home from fire. In some areas, wood shakes may be prohibited, but there are synthetic options, such as stamped metal, composite lumber and fiber cement products.

When it comes to having cedar, shakes installed on your home, they do not have to be the conventional cedar materials. Contact a roofing company such as HL Estes Roofing and talk with them about some of these shake alternatives to give your home an attractive roof.