Unwanted Skylights In Your Roof And How To Fix It

There are two ways you end up with unwanted skylights in your roof. The first is buying a property that has skylights, and you want those skylights (for whatever reason) removed. The second type of skylight is the kind provided for you by lightning and a little fire. That is clearly an unwanted "skylight" caused by damage to the roof. Here is how to remedy both situations when either applies.

The Actual Skylights

Actual skylights are an architectural feature meant to cast extra natural light into a space where no natural light can enter. One such example is a bathroom that is enclosed on all sides by bedrooms, roofs and/or other structures. These rooms do not have windows, so the skylight acts as a window.They are often set deep into the roof and come through the ceiling with one pane of glass in the roof and a second pane of glass in the ceiling of the enclosed room or bathroom. 

To remove this type of skylight, your roofing contractor will remove the skylight covering from the roof. Then he/she will construct a covering that completely closes off the skylight opening and protects this area of the roof from bugs and leaks. Then the glass pane in the ceiling of the room below is removed. You can opt to fill the space or just  leave it open. It is up to you.

The Second Kind of "Skylights"

A lightning strike to one's roof is rare, but it does happen. When it does, a hole in the roof is the typical result. You may also experience a fire that leaves a larger hole in the roof. If firefighters are successful at staunching the fire in a timely manner, you will not have to replace the whole roof. Your roofing contractor will be able to complete a roofing replacement for just the sections of roof that are damaged. In the meantime, the integrity of the roof is compromised. While you may enjoy the view of the stars at night, you will not appreciate bits of roof falling inward on you if you attempt to stay in the house while it is awaiting repair.

Whichever Kind of Skylight You Have and Do Not Want, Get Quotes

Regardless of which kind of skylight you have, be sure to get a couple of different estimates from different contractors who specialize in roofing replacement. Also, make sure that they have experience removing and fixing actual skylights, and not just the lightning-induced kind. If you are having the lightning-induced "skylight" repaired, you will also need to stay somewhere else during the repairs.