Damage-Free Options For Hanging Holiday Lights On A Metal Roof

When the time comes to put up the holiday lights this year, do so in a manner that will not damage your metal roofing. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you secure your lights to the roof without causing any damage that you'll have to repair come spring.

Gutter Clips

There are a few different styles of gutter clips made for hanging lights. These clips simply clip onto the lip of the gutter and secure the lights for as long as you'd like to keep them up. Unfortunately, some gutter systems with the leaf-protection screens along the top of them will not allow for these clips to mount on securely – you'll have to find an alternative way to secure the lights.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are awesome for so many things, but you've probably never thought about using them on the roof of your home. These hooks will hold up through snow and rain as long as you adhere them well. To get these little buggers to stick for the holiday season, you'll need some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Dip the cloth in the rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe the area in which the hook will be stuck. In a few seconds, the alcohol will evaporate, and you'll be left with a perfectly clean, dry surface to stick the hook to.

Secure Extension Cords

Don't ever leave extension cords hanging along the side of your home without securing it. The wind can cause the cord to blow around and damage the siding or break windows that are nearby. Utilize the gutter drains. Use zip ties to secure the cord directly to the gutter drain. You can hide the extension cord fairly well, and you won't have to worry about anything getting damage during those strong wind storms.

As you work to hang your lights, pay attention to any damage that may be there from last year. If you notice that prior year's lights have damaged the roofing or the gutter system, you'll need to contact your local roofing repair contractor for assistance. The longer you allow a roof to remain damaged, the worse the damage will continue to get. If you don't note the damage when you hang the lights, when will you? Really, how often do you find yourself climbing a ladder up to your roof? Good luck and happy holiday decorating!

For more information, contact your local roof repair service.