What Type Of Roof Do I Need On The Coast?

If you are building a home by the coast, the type of roofs you may want to install might be different than what roofs you would want if you were building your home. With the right roof, you won't have to worry as much about roof maintenance alongside the coast. 


Slate roofs can have a very long lifespan and do not require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, they can be a great option for a coastal roof. However, these types of roofs can also be very expensive and usually need to be installed by a professional. 

Asphalt and Architectural

If you're looking for a less expensive roofing option that is great for a coastal area, one option is to install architectural shingles. They will usually come with a 30-year warranty, but they will typically last longer. They also come in a large variety of colors so that you can use them for a variety of housing designs. The downside of these shingles is that they may not last as long because they tend to rot when exposed to inclement weather over a long period, which may be a problem with coastal homes. 


Copper roofs are used less often because they can be expensive. However, they can last for centuries, and some of the oldest roofs in the world were copper roofs. It is not very heavy, so it doesn't place a lot of strain on your coastal home. As the copper gets older, it will change its hue and develop a greenish color. However, if the coastal area you live nearby receives a lot of thunderstorms, this might damage the copper roof.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is an inexpensive material that is sometimes used for roofs, including in coastal areas. Some can last as long as 60 years. You might think that you don't want a roof that looks like steel, but a galvanized steel roof may be painted and crafted to look like other materials. Also, a colorful galvanized steel roof can look beautiful. You may think that steel will rust a lot near a coastal area, but a protective coating will protect it from moisture and salt. However, you may also find that many companies will not provide a warranty for galvanized steel if it is near the ocean. However, when you take into consideration all of the other roofs available, the right option will become clear.

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