Metal Roof Shingle Replacement & Waterproofing

Metal roofing is a good option for many commercial buildings. Metal is durable and fastens tightly to the roof to provide your building with a lot of protection. Of course, you may run into a time when you need your metal shingles to be replaced.

If you think your metal roof needs to be replaced, whether it is the entire thing or just a few shingles, these are some of the steps involved.

Remove and Replace the Metal Shingles

The first step involved in replacing the metal shingles is to remove the existing ones. This involves determining how the metal shingles are attached, which could be via rubber-gasket screws or a snap system. You may be able to replace the shingles easily with the same method if you are only replacing a couple of pieces.

Examine the Roof's Flashing

The flashing of the roof contains shingles near the eaves of the roof and the areas near vents and chimneys. Flashing includes metal pieces of the roof that are not shingles, and they also provide waterproofing for your home. Loose shingles and flashing can lead to significant issues for your home. While you replace metal shingles, you should look out for loose pieces.

Make Sure the Underlayment Is Safe

Underlayment is the area underneath the metal shingles. This layer helps protect against leaks, and they can provide a backup in case the shingles pose a problem. The shingles may help with waterproofing your home, which is important if your shingles become damaged. While you are replacing your roof, it is a good idea to check out this layer for potential issues.

Why Can't You Just Patch Up the Problem?

A lot of people wonder why they cannot just patch up the metal shingles rather than replace them. Patches are a short-term solution for leaks and similar issues, but you should not use a patch in place of a shingle. If you have a leak, you should replace the damaged shingles with new metal shingles. If you use a patch, it should only be until a professional arrives to apply completely new shingles or flashing.

Roofing Professionals Can Help

Of course, you don't have to replace metal shingles on your own. In fact, you will have better results if you have a professional manage your roof repairs and shingle replacements. Make an appointment with a roofer today to manage your roof repairs and replacements.