3 Best Roofing Materials For A Backsplit Split-Level Home

A backsplit split-level home has a taller, two-story segment in front of a lower one-story segment. Each segment has its own roof with the taller segment typically having a hipped shape roof while the lower segment has a gabled style roof. The shape and alignment of these roofs can help you determine the best roofing material for your roofing repair or replacing project. Here are a few of the best roofing materials for a backsplit split-level home. Read More 

3 Synthetic Siding Solutions That Will Give You The Illusion Of Real Wood

If you are considering having new siding installed on your home, there are many options that you may be considering. You may want to have wood siding, but this can require a lot of maintenance. There are many alternatives, but often they hardly resemble real wood. But here are some synthetic siding materials that many people may think are real wood at first glance: 1. Cement Board Siding With Coloring And A Wood-Like Finish Read More 

A Comparison Of Shingle Siding With Vinyl Siding: How It Impacts Your Roofing Costs

Two types of siding--vinyl and shingles--are very different sorts of siding by comparison. Not only are they very different in appearance, but also in the way that they are installed. Here is a comparison of shingle siding and vinyl siding, and how it impacts your overall roofing costs.  Shingle Siding This type of siding involves numerous single shingles and each one has to be adhered to the shingle below it and to the house itself. Read More 

3 Tips For Preparing Your Roof For Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are incredible forces of nature, but they are also incredibly destructive. If you have recently moved to an area prone to hurricanes, it is in your best interest to be ready for hurricane season. One important thing to do is prepare your roof for these powerful storms in case a hurricane hits your area. Use the following tips to help minimize damage to your roof during a hurricane:  Make Sure Your Roof is in Good Repair Read More 

Five Reasons To Get A Cool Roof Coating

A cool roof coating, so called because it helps your roof stay cooler by reflecting the sun's rays, is a highly recommended way to cool your roof if you have any type of roof other than asphalt or bitumen. This coating is applied like paint, but unlike paint, it can reflect not only light, but also heat. Here are five reasons why getting this type of roof coating is a great idea for you. Read More