Rain or Shine: Protecting Your Home During Every Season

Replacing A Cracked Roof Tile In 3 Easy Steps

A cracked roof tile will not only impact the way your roof looks, but it can also result in a significantly higher risk that your home will develop a leak. Thankfully, repairing this damage can be much easier than you think. In fact, with the easy to follow instructions below, you will be able to repair this damage in just 3 steps without the need to hire a professional roofing contractor. Read More 

Three Materials That Give Roofs A Natural Look

If you need to have a roof installed on your home, you have many choices, including synthetic and composite materials. These can be great options for your home, but there are also natural materials that can be just as good of a solution for a new roof. These can be things like slate, shakes and clay tiles, which are natural, long lasting and green roofing solutions. If you want to have a roof with quality natural materials, here are some of the choices you have for your new roof: Read More 

Being Joe Cool: How To Save Money With A Reflective Roof Coating

How do you know if your roof is saving you money in energy costs or if it's time to repair or re-roof in order to get the most energy efficient roof possible? Most homeowners rely on their roofing contractor -- and what costs the least to install. But educating yourself about how roofs can be made cooler and what that means for your heating and cooling bills can help you be a savvy shopper and an earth-friendly homeowner. Read More 

Concrete Roofing Tile Questions Answered

The type of material that you use for your roof will play a critical role in determining both the energy efficiency of the building and the likelihood of encountering problems. However, there are a tremendous variety of roofing materials that can be selected, and this variety may be overwhelming to homeowners doing this type of work for the first time. In particular, concrete tiles can offer your home a variety of important benefits, but you may not have seriously considering this option. Read More 

Looking For A Unique Roofing Option? Consider A Foam Roof

The roof is one of the most important structures of your entire home. After all, your roof keeps the outside, outside. While traditional options, like asphalt and metal, are common, they aren't the only options available. A foam roof is another alternative. Foam roofs are designed from a polyurethane material. Although it's sprayed on in a liquid form, once dried, it provides a cohesive surface that can't be penetrated. Cheaper Alternative Read More