Rain or Shine: Protecting Your Home During Every Season

Shakes With Unique Look Using Alternatives To The Traditional Cedar Materials

There are many alternatives to asphalt shingles that are used to replace old roofs. One of the materials that many homeowners choose are cedar shakes. Cedar is a durable material, but it is not the only wood shake available, and today there are many more options for a shake roof for your home. Here are some of the options you may want to consider for a shake roof for your home: Read More 

Your Guide To Proper Skylight Maintenance

A skylight can let plenty of natural light into your home and add beauty to your space. However, if you don't care for your skylight properly, it may become more of an eyesore than an enjoyable architectural element. To guard against leaks, deterioration, and that dreaded dusty look, follow these skylight maintenance protocols. Check the flashing. At least once a year in the fall -- and preferably also in the spring -- it's wise to climb up on your roof and take a look at the flashing around the skylight. Read More 

Signs You Need to Repair Your Metal Roof

Metal is a popular roofing material that provides a high degree of durability and an increased aesthetic appeal when compared to traditional asphalt shingled roofs. However, like all building materials, metal can become damaged and break down over time due to general damage and age. A damaged metal roof can let water seep into your home and cause a number of problems on the interior, so it's a good idea to have your metal roof repaired as soon as it becomes damaged. Read More 

Three Of Your Roofing Questions Answered

Maintaining the roof of your home is important for limiting the risk of damage occurring to your home as well as ensuring that your home looks as great as possible. However, if you are a new homeowner, learning the answers to some common questions about roof maintenance will help you to be a more responsible and informed homeowner, which will help to protect this investment in your home. What Is Involved With Cleaning The Roof? Read More 

Three Natural Roofing Options For Your Country Cottage

Your country cottage looks so quaint and cozy—until you look up at that dark shingle roof! Replacing your shingle roof with a more natural-looking roof can give the whole cottage a more unified appearance, allowing it to more closely resemble the little country homes you see in fairy tales and movies. Here's a look at three natural roofing choices for cottages. Cedar Shakes Wood is about as natural as you can get when it comes to roofing materials. Read More