Secure Your Roof with Knowledge and Understanding—Select the Proper Material

Whether you're building a new home and looking to select its first roof or searching for a way to rejuvenate a commercial property you've owned for years, the options available in terms of materials can seem nearly endless. Many people don't know where to start when looking for alternative options, and they allow themselves to be overwhelmed and simply choose the path of least resistance. You should have the confidence to branch out and the support necessary to evaluate all of your options. Read More 

Check The Flashing For Leaks In A Flat Roof

One of the most common places to find a leak in a flat roof is along the flashing. The reason for this can vary from incorrect installation to normal weathering. Water that runs behind the flashing can cause a leak even if the rest of your roof is in good condition. Repairing the flashing will depend on what type of problem it has.  Flashing around a Stair House Some flat roofs will have a stair house that provides access to the roof from the building below. Read More 

A Simple Guide To Help You Inspect Your Roof For Summer Hail Damage

If a strong summer hail storm has just swept through your region, when it is safe to do so, you'll need to complete an inspection of your roof. Strong hail storms often cause damage to residential roofs. The sooner you identify any damage to your roof, the sooner you can submit a claim to your homeowner's insurance and find a roofer who can repair the damage. Be Safe! The first and most important thing to keep in mind when inspecting your roof for hail damage is to be safe. Read More 

Steps To Repair A Tear In The Felt On A Garage Roof

If the felt on your garage's flat roof is torn, learn how to patch it with the following steps. The repaired area will prevent leaks until you are able to have the felt replaced by a professional roofer like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc. Use The Following Materials ladder broom scrub brush soapy water water hose towels safety goggles propane torch replacement felt utility knife measuring tape roofing cement paintbrush roofing nails nail gun Clean The Damaged Area And Wait For It To Dry Read More 

It’s Not Easy Choosing Green: Wood Vs. Steel In The Battle For Green Supremacy

Green: A word used to describe any building material that is good for mother nature. Really? With such a nebulous definition, it leaves hucksters free to spin any object as green. For example, you could say that wood is a green product in that it is all natural. On the other hand, using steel means that no trees have to be cut down, so isn't that a good thing? To decide whether wood or steel is the right green choice for your home, you have to take a close look at the facts. Read More